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Welcome to the Red Moon Acres web site

Red Moon Acres is the home to a herd of miniature Mediterranean donkeys. The herd averages about thirty animals that have been carefully selected for their conformation, pedigree, size and disposition.  The quality of breeding stock has produced many well-balanced foals with excellent conformation, pedigrees and a variety of colors. The herd receives hands-on care daily; all donkeys are socialized and seek out the attention of family members and visitors. In 2002 and 2004 the herd was awarded the Versatility Hall of Fame award by the American Donkey and Mule Society.

Herd Care

The donkeys at Red Moon Acres are maintained on a high quality grass hay. They are fed twice a day. The herd has access to clean, fresh, cool water and a mineral block at all times. All donkeys have their hooves trimmed and are wormed every eight weeks. We rotate wormers to prevent parasites from building a resistance to the medications. All animals are kept up to date on vaccinations.

About Us

The donkeys have been a wonderful family project. Some of the best quality time we have spent with our children was sitting in a stall waiting for a jenney to foal or watching the donkeys play in the pasture. We find that we spend most of our time at the barn.

In 2000 we started our oldest daughter in 4-H. With the help of our extension agent we started the first 4-H miniature donkey group in Washington State. The club is called Barnyard 4-H Brayers. We had friends and family that wanted to have a donkey project but couldn't because they lived in town. We have been leasing some of the donkeys to these children so they can participate in 4-H. They keep the donkeys at our place and come by after school and on weekends to care for these animals. Some of our club activities are on our 4-H page.

We hope you enjoy our web site!

Red Moon Acres

Norman and Diana Bowers

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