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MGF Tina Catalina

(Dark Sorrel)

D.O.B. July 15, 2004

Size 33"

Sire: MGF RJ, 32" (dark sorrel)

(Windcrest Cherries Jubilee x MGF Venus of Naxos 17)

Dam: MGF Hidden Promises, 33" (dark red)

(MGF Peabody x MGF Venus Lorelei 75)

Tina is a beautiful dark sorrel jennet with a heart of gold! I first noticed her on the MGF website and wanted to add her to our sorrel herd. The only problem was that she was sold….to a friend!  Glenda brought Tina home and I was able to admire her whenever I visited her farm.  Glenda eventually agreed to sell Tina to us.  We have had her for a couple years now and are very pleased with her. We crossed her with BR Sienna and have been thrilled with what this cross has brought

Tina has been bred back to Sienna for a May 2010 foal!


Querrey's Q-T's Bubbles (Molly B)

( Black w/cross)

D.O.B. April 10, 1999

Size: 33.5"

Sire: Gladybrook Pitch Dark 31.5" (Black w/cross)

(Gladybrook Skip x Mallard Point Bobbie Dee)

Dam: Gardner's EC Cubbi 34.75" (gray & white spot)

(Rockbridge Maracas x Wood Acres Adie)

We call Bubbles, Molly B. She is a pretty jennett that has beautiful conformation with personality plus! Molly B joined our spotted herd last year. She is the dam to Gabriella Grace.

Molly B

Ass-pirin Acres Bo Peep in Red


D.O.B. 5-27-2002

Size 331/8"

Sire: Arbor Ledge Little Red 31.5" (sorrel)

(Arbor Ledge Don Quioti x Arbor Ledge Holly)

Dam: Sapphire Ranch Beatrix 32" (red/brown)

(Mission Montana Red Hot Ass x LCR Philamena 82)

Bo Peep is a flashy compact jennet with strong sorrel genetics. She has been bred back to Sienna for a 2010 foal.

2007 NMDA National Show, Pacific Crest, Central Point, OR

2nd place, 4-9 year old jennets

5th place, youth showmanship

Bo Peep

Eola Hills Gabriella Grace


D.O.B. 2-20-2006

Size 331/8"

Sire: Wit's End Rocky 32.5" (Brown)

(My World Sparky x PGF Cubbi)

Dam: Querrey's Bubbles

(Gladybrook Pitch Dark x Gardner's EC Cubbi)

Gabby is a half sister to our Roxi-Blu. She was shown with Roxi in the Get-of-Sire class at the 2007 NMDA National show. They won 4th place against some very big Texas breeders. We are very proud to have these wonderful donkeys in our herd Gabby has been bred to Little Mgic for a September 2010 foal.

McLeod River Alberta Rose

(Dark Gray)

D.O.B. April 27, 2004

Sire: MGF LeRoy (black/brown)

(Dodge City Miniatures Jack of Spades x MGF Venus Daffodil 51)

Dame: McLeod River Wild Rose (dark-gray)

(Red Lightening x Daisy of McLeod River)

This little gal has such a wonderful conformation and a personality to match! Rose produced a nice jennet in 2008.  She was shown in 2009 and has done well.  Rose recently delivered a beautiful spotted jennet by HD Little Magic.  We are so impressed with this cross and plan to breed them back next year.

Alberta Rose

Circle C Limoge

(Dark Gray)

D.O.B. 9-13-2004

Sire: S.S. Red Lightening (dark red sorrel)

(SS Sampson x SS Sara)

Dam: Circle C Lottie (Gray)

(Circle C Desperado x Lucky Lady of Circle C)

Limoge is a very beautiful gray jennet.  She has proven herself in the arena.  In 2007 we crossed her with our herdsire BR Sienna and was very proud of their first foal Red Moon Acres Lottie Da.   Like her parents, Lottie has done well at shows winning two halter classes and reserve champion as a yearling. Limoge has been bred to Little magic for a 2010 foal.


Circle C Limoge

Show Record

2005 NMDA National / Calgary Stampede World Show

1st Place Jennet - Foal Class, Group #1

MDPR Sweepstakes Yearling Jennets

Top Ten and 3rd Place

2005 Pacific Crest Classic, Central Point, Oregon

4th Place NMDA Foals in Halter

2005 Oregon State Fair, Salem Oregon

2nd Place NMDA Jennets Foal Class

2005 Nor-Cal Miniature Donkey Show, Red Bluff, California

4th Place NMDA Foals in Halter

3rd Place NMDA Pre-Green In Hand Trail

2006 Pacific Crest Classic, Central Point, OR

2nd Place Yearling Halter Class

3rd Place Youth Showmanship

2007 NMDA National Show, Central Point, OR

3rd Place Youth Showmanship

3rd Place Youth Trail

2008 Hells Canyon Mule Show, Enterprise, OR

3rd Place Showmanship, all size donkeys

5th Place Halter, all size donkeys

Eola Hills Roxi Blu


D.O.B. 3-29-2006

Size: 22.75"

Sire: Wit's End Rockin - Rocky 32.5" (brown)

(My World Sparky x PJF Lollipop)

NMDA National Show Get-of-Sire, 4th place

Dam: Rogers Twilla 33.5" (black/brown)

(Double D Farm Cracker Jack x Mount Paradise Delilah)

We purchased this beautiful girl from our friends Chuck and Glenda Lawrence, owners of Eloa Hills Mini Donkeys. We all knew that Roxi was a special donkey from the start. She was destined to follow in her dam's hoof prints. After much consideration and consternation, Glenda decided to sell her to us. We are really happy to have her.

Future breeder
Roxi Blu

Eola Hills Roxi Blu

Show Record

2008 Oregon Horse Center, Eugene, Oregon

5th Place 2-3 Year Old Jennets

2008 Hells Canyon Mule Show, Eugene, Oregon

1st Place 2 Year Old Donkeys

Grand Champion Halter Donkeys (all sizes Jacks, Geldings and Jennets

1st Place Showmanship

Champion Showmanship Donkey

Circle C Tango

(Light Red)

D.O.B. July 22,2004

Size: 33"

Tango is a fancy show gelding. He is very sensitive and loves to be around our daughters. Tango is a beautiful mover . He was started under harness last spring and keeps impressing us every day. He is so much fun that everyone has taken a turn showing him.



Show Record

2005Calgary Stampede World Show Tango won his Futurity class

as a yearling against a group of about 30, including jacks.

2008 Oregon Horse Center, Eugene, Oregon

4th Place 3-4 Year Old Halter

2008 Hells Canyon Mule Show, Eugene, Oregon

2nd Place 3+ Year Old Halter (all size donkeys)

5th Place Showmanship

Red Moon Acres

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