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Tess 2007

Tess, our youngest daughter (6 years of age) showed for the first time at the 2007 NMDA National Show, Central Point, OR. I wonder what she's thinking as she watches other participants.

Our oldest daughter started 4-H in 2000 with her donkey Lucy. This was the first 4-H donkey project in our county. At the county fair, the donkey stall was always surrounded by people, which Lucy loved! We soon realized that there were many children who wanted to participate in 4-H with donkeys, but didn't have space to keep them. We decided to lease donkeys to children who live in town so that they could participate in 4-H. The animals are kept at Red Moon Acres. The children come over and work with their projects after school. The members use books and videos put out by the American Donkey and Mule Society, and hold meetings a couple times a month.

Magie with Bandaletta

Maggie Pierce with Bandaletta

Maisie with Pumpkin

Maisie Manzano with her donkey Pumpkin

Scotti Lucy

Scotti Blensly with Lucy

Whitney with Annabelle

Whitney Blensly with Annabelle

Jennifer with Rosie

Jennifer Laford with Rosie

Club Activities

All of the donkeys that were used for 4-H projects were bred and cared for by the club members. When donkeys are ready to foal, the member responsible for that animal was notified. They got to watch their donkey foal and help with the care of both the jennet and her foal.

A visit to the feed store

Feed Store

Jim Bunch at JB'S Sack N Tack discusses proper fit of tack and different feeds.

2005 Asotin Co. Fair

Hightpoint Anna

Whitney awarded highpoint donkey showman with Annabelle

Future 4-H Members


Tess Bowers age 4 looking forward to starting 4-H this year.

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